Garuda Chemicals

Based in Mumbai and producing for over 35 years with high quality standards, becoming a world-wide well reputed source for

  • Amine halides (mono-, di-, triethyl- amine and ethanolamine, CHA, Urea HCl and HBr)
  • Chlorosulphonation compounds (PTSA and its esters, CBSA)
  • Speciality dyestuffs (indicators, stains, etc.)
  • Photography dyestuffs and chemicals
  • Pheromone Chemicals
  • Speciality chemicals (Benzoates, Benzalconium salts, Salicylates)
  • Nutraceutical ingredients, such as butyrate salts (Ca, Mg, Ca-Mg, Na, K), Taurine salts, HMB salts

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