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Custom synthesis
(batch reactor)
High temperature reactions, Hydrogenations, Acid chloride preparations, Carbene additions, Friedel-Crafts reactions, Curtius reaction, Chlorination, Bromination, Iodination, Oxidation and Reduction including Complex Hydride, Diazotisation and Sandmeyer, Cyclocondensation, Organo Lithium, Grignard and Carbon disulphide chemistry, Optical resolutions
Custom synthesis
(flow reactor)
Ring-closures for heterocycles, Metal complexes, Transition metal-catalyzed carbon-carbon cross-coupling reactions, Esterifications without catalysts, Hydrolysis of triglycerides in pure water, Addition of water to multiple bonds without catalysts, Nucleophilic aromatic substitutions by O- and N-nucleophiles, Claisen rearrangements, Diels-Alder reactions and other pericyclic, Decarboxylations, Multicomponent reactions (e.g. Biginelli reaction)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Support Services
Analytical method development and validation, evaluation of raw materials through in-process and intermediate testing, rigorous final product release testing.
Full analytical provision for regulatory filing purposes, including method development, validation and reference standard qualification.
Identification, synthesis and characterisation of impurities and reference standards.
Salt screening & crystallisation studies, polymorph screening services, stability studies
Chemistry Process Development
specialist expertise in route selection and safety evaluation, availability and cost of key raw materials, process optimisation and scale-up, isolation and purification.
Sinthesys of impurities and metabolites.
Rapid supply of materials, process optimisation with safe and efficient scale-up, regular updates and teleconferences, comprehensive development reports, transfer of the generated IP to the customer.
cGMP API Manufacture of API
from lab to pilot plant to commercial scale, from preclinical through to commercial supply; meeting the needs of your development programmes. Site master files available. Audits welcome!
Recovery and special packaging
iodine recovery from mother liquors
Packing and re-packing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, air- and moisture-sensitive products, highly coloured materials.

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