Soneas Chemicals Kft.

SONEAS Chemicals is a CMO company operating on 65,000 m2 and capable to provide starting materials and intermediates for  pharma and non-pharma applications, as well as other fine chemical products on commercial scale.

SONEAS Research is a professional chemical service provider with a pragmatic approach to innovation, creating opportunities and adding value to our clients’ projects. Established in 1996 and having their pilot plant facility commissioned in 2002, Soneas  now provide a comprehensive range of chemistry services to support pharmaceutical and fine chemicals development.
Operating from two sites in Budapest – research, analytical laboratories, and an 8,000 m2 facility housing process R&D labs, kilo lab and pilot plant – Soneas Research have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver your materials when you need them.

Adding value to your drug development programmes

  • Soneas offer a range of services from R&D Chemistry support through to manufacture, ensuring continuity and quality of supply
  • Soneas listen and work closely with our customers, making decisions to benefit them, so you get what you want, when you need it
  • You get secure communication lines to their Chemists, ensuring complete “visibility” and absolute confidentialityGMP
  • Soneas take quality management seriously,  ensuring that GMP manufacture meets the needs of the regulatory authorities
  • Soneas have wide-ranging chemical expertise, with particular experience in heterocyclic and organometallic chemistry

With Soneas, we offer all our clients, whether large or small, expert services and support to drive your projects forward – because we care. We understand that you need absolute confidence in the quality and timeliness of your supply, and with Soneas we deliver, on time and on budget.

Please enquire with us for more information through our contact form or send us an e-mail.

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