Our Partners

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Aaron Chemistry GmbH
Boron Molecular *
Farmak a.s.
FEW Chemicals GmbH
Garuda Chemicals *
Kemilab Kft.
Loba Feinchemie AG
Molekula Group
Quinta Analytica S.A.
Scafell Organics Ltd.
Soneas Chemicals Kft
Vinyl Kft
Unavera ChemLab GmbH
ZheChem Corp. *
Our partners are small and medium-sized companies, offering speciality chemicals, intermediates and APIs of their own production, or services in the pharmaceutical sector; many of them provide custom synthesis, custom research, custom development of new molecules or new processes; some are GMP, GLP and GCP certified, and can provide all the required documents.
With the exception of those marked with a (*), all of these companies have their production sites within the EU. If you want to know more about our partners and their offer, click on the links in this page, or select their name in the submenu above, or simply enquire with us for more information through our contact form or send us an e-mail..
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(companies are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of their dimension, location, activity or affinity)

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