iron nitrate 9H2O – CAS n.: 7782-61-8 – EC n.: 616-509-1 — Product Code: 190503480361

IUPAC: iron(3 );trinitrate;nonahydrate
Synonyms: ferric nitrate nonahydrate; ferric trinitrate nonahydrate
Light purple crystalline powder
Assay 98.0% min
Water insolubles 500 ppm max
Chlorides 20 ppm max
Sulphates 100 ppm max
Ammonium 100 ppm max
Potassium 10 ppm max
Sodium 10 ppm max

This compound is available from one or more of our commercial partners, who may offer it in different qualities or packagings (e.g. for industrial or R&D purpose, technical or pharmaceutical grade, etc.)
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