Acetyl DAS – CAS n.: 4297-61-4 – EC n.: 636-962-9 — Product Code: 062807030147

IUPAC [(1S,2R,7R,9R,10R,11S)-10,11-diacetyloxy-1,5-dimethylspiro[8-oxatricyclo[,7]dodec-5-ene-12,2′-oxirane]-2-yl]methyl acetate
Synonym: 2-acetamide-3,4,6-tri-o-acetyl-2-deoxy-B-D-glucosammine

This compound is available from one or more of our commercial partners, who may offer it in different qualities or packagings (e.g. for industrial or R&D purpose, technical or pharmaceutical grade, etc.)
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