Zephyr Speciality Chemicals

Formerly known as Garuda Chemicals, it has bee producing for 35 years with high quality standards in the area of Mumbai (India), becoming a world-wide well reputed source for

  • Amine halides (mono-, di-, triethyl- amine and ethanolamine, CHA, Urea HCl and HBr)
  • Chlorosulphonation compounds (PTSA and its esters, CBSA)
  • Speciality dyestuffs (indicators, stains, etc.)
  • Photography dyestuffs and chemicals
  • Pheromone Chemicals
  • Speciality chemicals (Benzoates, Benzalconium salts, Salicylates)
  • Nutraceutical ingredients, such as butyrate salts (Ca, Mg, Ca-Mg, Na, K), Taurine salts, HMB salts

Its daughter-affilate Novel Molecules, was founded in 2001 and supplies nutraceuticals and API.
Novel Molecules have updated all facilities and procedures to the most modern and strict standards, to qualify for GMP in 2014.

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