Novel Molecules

Novel Molecules was established in 2001 as the daughter-affiliate of Zephyr Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd, internationally known since 1979 and up to 2017 as Garuda Chemicals for quality speciality chemicals and intermediates.

Thanks to the the manufacturing experience accumulated and honed since its foundation, to their product quality, timely deliveries, accurate packaging and documentation, it has become a reliable source of

  • Nutraceutical ingredients, such as butyrate salts (Ca, Mg, Ca-Mg, Na, K)
  • API, such as 2-Hydroxyethyl Salicylate (also known as MEG Salicylate or Glycol Salicylate) and Diethylamine Salicylate.

Novel Molecules carry out their own R&D activities, including scale-up reactions from the laboratory bench to Pilot-scale to commercial production, using their in-house Intellectual Property, in respect of International Patents and Laws.


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